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wooden floor brand how to choose?

09.03.2018 09:40
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wooden floor brand how to choose?
<p>consumer can enter various errors, the blind area always when choosing wooden floor board. When choosing real wood floor board especially, some floors look very strong very messiness,building a composite bench but use not durable.</p>

<p>1; messiness is not equal to quality</p>

<p>One part person thinks real wood floor jumps over massiness to had been jumped over, the floor that likes to pick a few heavier fact when choosing wooden floor board so spends pear of safflower of wingceltis,Ceiling Tongue And Groove Decking Africa to wait like Africa, wooden floor is actually heavier so his density is higher, but be out of shape more easily also at the same time, because jump over the floor of heavy fact,also jump over at the same time fragile, the problem such as very incidental craze, resemble diamond same, it is the material with natural the strongest group, but very flimsy also. Mebane is such. </p>

<p>2; The making craft of floor</p>

<p>The wear-resisting index great majority of wooden floor is by the paint of floor surface craft is comprised, outside wear-resisting index can decide a floor fight wallop (it is very easy on the ground that the thing that weighs quite at ordinary times is dropped pound the floor board sunken go in) can choose the wooden floor board with exterior painting a bit higher technology,Diy Cheap Unique Outdoor Ideas still have the choice that the wood that is wooden floor plants, the service life of the wooden floor that like teak, oak this kind of itself is made with respect to the lumber of wear well and becomes also too won't low. </p>

<p>3; The water content of floor</p>

<p>Wooden floor is those who have certain amount is hydrous, and the moisture content of the floor is deciding wooden floor to whether can arise in use process be out of shape, the problem such as systole, will choose to accord with the floor of local climate according to using the ingredient such as the weather climate of seat, rainwater. The wooden floor moisture content of national level is 8%-13% between, but the region of our country is vast, the moisture content requirement of the different district all has different.6 foot fence panels free delivery Can check the wooden floor moisture content of the choice first when buying a floor board, check the wooden floor moisture content that is the same as norms again next, differ can buy below not big case. </p>

<p>4; The choice of brand of wood floor</p>
<p>Brand actual strength is deciding the actual strength of the product, differ in the price very few below the circumstance, can choose to have famous spent floor brand, and the floor that does not purchase a less known and inferior brand or 3 without the floor, some floors low-cost and look quality very pretty good, but because produce the account of processing technique and cost of product base material, service life far under brand floor. </p>

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