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the lower paint

02.01.2018 16:51
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the lower paint
<p>After the water mill should pay attention to spraying the lower paint, the first is to wait until the water layer is completely dry before coating the bottom paint, otherwise the paint is easy to whiten the other perforated wall panels used in public areas water-absorbent substrate is not suitable for water mill.) ③ machinery Grinding: Large-scale construction, in order to improve work efficiency, mechanical grinding methods, such as electric wall grinding machine (disc type, vibration type). There is also a kind of polishing: Painting requirements indicate "light grinding", for example, the closed paint, the old paint recoating, local repair, etc., this time should be used more fine sandpaper and cooked hands, and "light grinding."</p><p> Otherwise, the opposite is true. Grinding should be strictly in accordance with the process requirements of the selection of polished materials, the general law may be selected according to the following sandpaper used in the selection of solid wood sandpaper manual Best Budget Composite Decking grinding sandpaper used when the whole piece of sandpaper generally For four, after each fold with thumb and little finger grip both ends, in addition, three fingers flat on the sandpaper, sand back and forth on the surface of the object. Sanding object according to change at any time, the use of fingers in the retraction of the holes and fingers in the bumpy areas and edges, motorized grinding.</p><p> Sanding large area, you need to master the principle of "high", the use of the palm of the hand rotating sandpaper, but also can be attached to a slightly harder rubber such as sponges, cork blocks, thumb and index finger tightly pinch the left and right ends, put flat sand mill. Sander nail length to be moderate, to avoid injury fingers. In order to ensure the quality of grinding, we must ensure that the grinding workers training, assessment and management. It is important to maintain the maximum stability of the sander team, thinking that "it is easiest to polish, not to teach, to leave it alone." Or "anyone can go to polish" view is wood pallet fences manufacturer absolutely wrong. Good putty workers, a good spray workers, must first of all be a good sanding workers, so as to ensure mutual inspection between processes and the final quality.</p>

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