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man-made board industry

03.01.2018 13:42
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man-made board industry
end to rise situation substantially. Catenary of man-made board industry: Forestry -- man-made board -- furniture Catenary of man-made board industry also can is to go up by cent, composite fence pickets wholesale medium, downstream 3 parts. Upriver enterprise can divide humanness to build by product component board with the material that stick a face two kinds: Man-made board manufacturer is OK with be being produced oneself / the form that purchases to

forestry company gets producer goods,composite project floor germany after treatment becomes man-made board, direct sale gives furniture the company, also can purchase the material that stick a face to make sticking be sold again after the face by oneself; The manufacturer that stick a face can sell the material that stick a face to give furniture the company directly, also can suffer furniture company to entrust,4x8 fiber wood composite panel siding to man-made board the face is stuck

after the enterprise purchases man-made board, sell furniture business again. The furniture manufacturer upstream that is in trade center purchases man-made board,decoration wall panel material distributor after sticking the material such as the face, process raw material furniture again and sell downstream client. Downstream demand basically comes from 3 respects, it is to come from what common C carries consumer to live oneself sexual demand, the 2

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