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industry river particie board

07.03.2018 09:30
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industry river particie board
of Jilin timber industry river particieboard branch passes designing institute of industry of forest products of national forestry bureau, Jilin formally to replace wooden deck flooring save classics trade appoint, the evaluation that 26 8 units such as group of industry of public security bureau of forestry of bureau of province environmental protection, province, Jilin dark, experts comprise is round check and accept.

This product line covers an composite decking on sale electronics area of lo10000 M2. Workshop area is 10920mz, use light steel structure entirely, manner is easy, capacious and bright, reflected the style of modern plant. The project always invests one hundred and twenty-two million seven hundred and seventy thousand yuan, among them fixed assets invests one hundred and eleven million eight vinyl board veranda decking hundred and ninety thousand

yuan, crucial equipment and main engine are introduced from Finland, have current world advanced level. Design scale of production all pledges to produce per synthetic hazel fence panels year particieboard 50 thousand M3, product width of cloth can be adjusted arbitrarily for 2440mm(of 1220 × 1830mm(or 2440mm) , 1830mm × or 3660mm) , product ply all pledges for 3mmX40mm the distinction of particieboard and common

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