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08.03.2018 10:26
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belong to environmental
free from contamination, belong to environmental protection product. The sale that produces experiment product makes clear, profit margin is very high, welcome by the market. Perth wood plastic composite polyethylene and polypropylene Lumber of research center of paulownia of courtyard of Chinese forest division uses lab integratedly to be engaged in lumber blanching all the time for years work with coloring. Lumber of this project collect is

blanched, the multinomial content such as composite decking for sale by owner machining of activator of lumber coloring, surface, lumber at an organic whole, among them patent of invention of award of progress of science and technology of bureau of forestry of country of multinomial technology Cenghuo, country. China gets the better of in relief group company of Jia Shanmu estate is one of companies of treatment used outdoor flooring singapore of Chinese

large lumber, will devote oneself to woodiness to decorate the development of material new product all the time for years. The combination that produces the success building stockade fence on slope of the experiment to be scientific research unit and manufacturing company developed new product to explore certain experience, also provide the farther promotion that is this technology demonstrative function.

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