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Pandora jewelry have some colors

03.01.2018 10:20
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Pandora jewelry have some colors
Also, one which features a bit more colour. This is the Santa’s Home bead on my Northern Lights grey leather pandora charms cheap canada, which features the Anna and Elsa muranos to represent the Aurora Borealis, the Layers of Lace clips to represent ice crystals, and then the cute Polar Bear dangle as well. Also, as an aside – just look at the cute paw prints on the bottom of the Polar Bear’s feet! I had forgotten that little detail was there.

Charms like to put little mottos and motifs on a lot of their pandora jewelry outlet canada these days, and the bottom of the charm says ‘In Santa’s Home It’s Always Warm’. I’m not sure that this charm really needed any quotations on it, but, if you don’t like script on your charms, it’s really not that noticeable – it’s more like a little easter egg. The oxidation is just slightly rubbed off on my ‘e’, but that’s okay!The charm is not the same on both sides, which shows nice attention to detail; the snow doesn’t quite come all the way down the roof, and the door is replaced with another little window. The other amazing detail, which you can see better in this picture, is that the individual bricks of the house are detailed in the enamel! I have no idea how they do this, but it looks just stunning.

I featured my pandora charms canada last year in a review, which attracted a fair amount of notice at the time for its fun candy design and sweet little details, with many collectors wishing Pandora did something similar! Happily enough, this year this new Santa’s Home charm makes a lovely alternative to the Chamilia bead for those who are Pandora purists, and would rather stick to just one brand. It may not have the cute candy aspect to it that the Chamilia one has (it would also work kind of nicely in fairytale-themed bracelets – it would be perfect for Hansel & Gretel!), but it does have the same level of detail and sweetness.

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