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Pandora bague pas cher

03.01.2018 10:09
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Pandora bague pas cher
The Essence Autumn 2017 collection was the one that got me the most excited! With its pretty, soft pastels, the delicate patterning on the enamel Freedom bead and the use of genuine mother of pearl on three of the beads, I was head over heels. The pandora charms soldes might not be to everyone’s taste, but they also represent a more contemporary look for the Essence collection, and demonstrate how Pandora is looking to broaden its appeal.

It’s really very remiss of me to be so tardy in reviewing the pandora bague pas cher I did get from this launch! From the stock images, I’d earmarked the Generosity, Balance, Compassion and Freedom beads as potential buys. In person, I found the pink beads so pretty, but a little too bright for my bracelet design, which is a subtle blend of pastel pinks, blue and cream (picture by Pandora Orchard Park!However, the MOP blue Balance bead and the white Generosity proved just as perfect in person. Both the blue and the white versions are just stunning, and in quite different ways!The Balance bead has a beautiful subtlety of colour, with shades of blue and grey rippling across each square.

I have purchased and not yet reviewed, such as the pandora charms pas cher Dazzling Daisy Fairy, Luminous Floral and Disney’s Maximus, and Pandora Autumn pieces like the Pavé Inspiration safety chain, the Pandora Rose heart clasp bracelet and the popular Heart of Freedom. I’ll try and do as many as I can (do let me know if there are any you’re more keen to see), starting with a look at the mother of pearl mosaic Essence beads that came out back in September!

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