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Bamboo flooring to avoid sun exposure

09.11.2017 10:35
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Bamboo flooring to avoid sun exposure
<P>Bamboo flooring at home must be to avoid the sun exposure and rain wet, if you accidentally spilled water on the bamboo floor,grey plastic outdoor flooring be sure to dry in time. Bamboo flooring will have a thin layer of paint on the surface, used to protect the bamboo flooring, so when we are in the daily cleaning should also be careful not to use too strong acid-base, or corrosive detergents, so as not to bamboo flooring surface The paint is destroyed.</P>
<P>In addition, in daily life to avoid hard impact, sharp cutlery,wall boards panels germany metal friction, although the floor surface paint can play a protective effect, but can not afford such damage.</P>
<P>Everyone knows bamboo flooring is susceptible to moth-eaten. Although bamboo that has been specially treated with sugar, fat, starch and protein already has a strong anti-moth-eaten function,covered patios with composite decking floors we also need to pay attention to daily life Bamboo flooring cleaning Caixing.</P>
<P>When we clean the bamboo floor, we can use a clean broom to clean the rubbish, and then use the wringing mop to drag the ground clean. In addition, the best bamboo flooring in the home to play a wax two or three months,plastic decking online suppliers in uk so that better protection of bamboo flooring Oh.</P>

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