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EBS adjusts with the alive situation Brake Lining

02.11.2017 14:20
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EBS adjusts with the alive situation Brake Lining
The EBS+ arrangement includes the brake rotors Acropolis Authority added affirmation function. It prevents the car from rolling astern if starting on an incline. This is done by captivation the car on the account brakes until abundant torque is distributed. The arrangement includes absorption control, ceaseless ecology of anchor pad altitude and temperature.

EBS Top is accustomed Brake Lining all the appearance of EBS+ and the Electronic Adherence Affairs (ESP). The arrangement is calmly activated if the car shows any addiction to lose acquaintance with the alley surface. ESP is accessible for Volvo FE as abandoned rigid.

EBS adjusts with the alive situation. It is able with a aggregate of valves and sensors to adapt and adviser the braking system. The abject ambit added functions awning the Acropolis Alpha Aid, Agitation Anchor Assistance, Caster Anchor Monitoring, Lining Abrasion Analysis, Annoyance Torque Control, and Differential Lock Control.

The added braking functions from Brake Parts the automaker can aswell be accepted in Volvo XC90 best car barter locations and added Volvo vehicles.

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