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Hip replacement surgery is considered one of the most significant medical breakthroughs of the 21st century. It is a procedure used by doctors to surgically treat a painful hip joint by replacing the affected part with an artificial joint or a prosthetic. Hip replacement surgery is usually done when physical therapy , prescription drugs, and other treatments fail to relive the patient?s hip pain.
Studies show that hip replacement surgery is effective in treating hip pain. While the said surgical procedure is generally safe, some complications may occur. Although some complications are serious, most can be treated successfully. Some of the rare complications that have been associated with hip replacement therapy include:

Blood clots
Blood clots in veins of the legs may result in decreased movement after surgery , as well as from injury during surgery. Because of this condition, doctors usually prescribe blood-thinning medications after the surgery to prevent blood clots. However, these drugs should be taken carefully to lessen the development of side effects, allergies , and drug interactions. Using compression devices such as elastic stockings together with physical exercise also helps increase blood flow in the legs.

Infections may develop at the site of the incision and in the deeper tissue near the articial hips. Most infections can be treated with antibiotics. However, more serious infections in areas near the implants may require surgery.

Some positions can cause the ball of the artificial hip to become dislodged. Not bending more than 90 degrees and avoiding mannerisms like crossing the legs may prevent dislocation.

Loosening of the prosthesis
In the long run, the artificial joint may loosen and lead to a recurrence of pain in the hip area. Surgery may be performed to treat this problem.

Breakage of the prosthesis
In rare cases, the hip implants may break several years after surgery. Another surgery would be required to replace the damaged implants.

Change in leg length
Doctors normally take precautions to prevent any changes in leg length , a situation that occurs due to structural imbalance rather than an actual increase of the leg?s length. However, in some cases the new hip may make one leg longer or shorter than the other one. It is often caused by weakness in the muscles surrounding the hip. Strengthening those muscles can resolve the issue.

Joint stiffening
A process called ossification may cause the soft tissues around the joints harden, making it difficult to move the hip. Individuals at risk of this condition may recommend medications or radiation therapy to prevent it from happening.

Individuals who suffer from a serious hip condition are encouraged to utilize other forms of treatment before undergoing hip replacement surgery. Understanding this procedure is necessary in relieving hip joint pain and reducing complications. People with hip pain are also encouraged to engage in moderate physical exercise and maintain a well-balanced diet. However, it is important to consult a doctor first before engaging in any sports or physical activities. This would prevent the possibility of injury or an increase in the severity of hip pain.
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Plastic materials and products are used the world over whether for complex technical applications or ordinary jobs like food preservation. Its inherent properties like strength, durability and corrosion-free nature means it won't soon be replaced by other more expensive materials.

Most plastic is recyclable but efforts to actually recycle it are not significant. Perhaps it's a lack of understanding among consumers that prevents them from giving useless plastic objects for recycling or maybe government agencies are unaware of how recycled plastic can be the basis for many useful and inexpensive materials. Whatever the case, knowing the different grades of plastic , whether they can be recycled, and what they can be recycled into can help.


Polyethylene terephthalate or PET or PETE is a common grade of plastic used in the manufacture of everyday products like bottles, food containers and jars. The grade is favored because of its low cost, durability , light weight and high recyclability. A recycled PET product will have the same strength, versatility and recyclability as one made of virgin plastic.

PET is also noted for its safety as it doesn't leach chemicals to cause health issues. Recycled products can be turned into winter clothing, bags and carpets.


High density polypropylene or HDPE is a thermoplastic that's also in common use. Its applications range from commonplace products to industrial uses like pipe systems, corrosion protection in steel pipelines , geomembranes, and vehicle fuel tanks.

HDPE is commonly used to make food containers which means it's a safe grade of plastic that hasn't been found to cause cancer and other diseases. However, if the plastic isn't marketed with food or drinks, it shouldn't be used to store any.

HDPE can be recycled into fences and plastic lumber.


PVC or polyvinyl chloride is used in applications like plumbing , flooring insulation for electric cables and clothing and furniture. It cannot be used as food and drinks containers and should, in fact, not come into contact with them as it's harmful when ingested.

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