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interesting that easy to implement because does not require

03.12.2017 17:57
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interesting that easy to implement because does not require
a few hundredths of a second. The screen of the ultrasound, with a landmark representing the path of the connect, permits, thus firing biopsy very precise. The wide range of biopsies, and where they should be, are not well codified and many protocols have been proposed: the aim is to obtain a sample as representative as possible. Currently, it is frequently performed 5 to 6 samples per lobe, or 1endovex results to 12 in complete. These numbers may be decreased or enhanced depending on the measurements of the prostate glandular, endovex side effects tolerance of the people, or if a second set of biopsies. Preparation and conduct This is a frequently performed as an outpatient, ie without hospitalization, or during hospitalization "for days". A anal preparation (enemas) is often advocated. Many centers now offer systematic antibiotic (short antibiotic therapy to decrease infectious complications). The concomitant anticoagulation is in principle against inappropriate and that any therapy can be subject to arrest or a temporary modification. Tolerance Acceptance of the review is particularly variable from one person to another. Each biopsy is shooting itself very painful. However, their repetition, and especially the lifestyle and movement of the indicator / sensor / probe are the main factors of discomfort. The inconvenience of this review may justify the use of local or typical anesthesia. Local anesthesia with a gel anesthetic (lidocaine gel) has never demonstrated its performance. Local anesthesia by injection of lidocaine on each portion of the prostate glandular (nerves pudendaux) indicates in numerous analysis enhanced tolerance of the evaluation, however incomplete, because of its low performance discomfort associated with the presence of the indicator / sensor / probe. Anesthesia "general" Mild equimolar mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide ( "MEOPA") has recently been evaluated and appears extremely powerful at this sign. It is even more interesting that easy to implement because does not require an

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